A Tapestry of Timeless Elegance & Heritage by Notion of W

NoW 29041 Final, Design Authority

Landed properties often hold the promise of dreams taking flight. Such was the case with the revamped Nim Collection abode in the exclusive Seletar Hills landed enclave, an enchanting sanctuary that dances between the modern and the classic, artfully brought to life by the talented duo at Notion of W, Wein & Grace.

A realm of intergenerational stories and dreams, this home was envisioned as a sanctuary for a family spanning three generations, along with four helpers. The matriarch’s dream of having her daughter’s family living under one expansive roof led her to this charming edifice. A story made even more meaningful as Wein & Grace had previously breathed life into the daughter’s BTO residence a few years prior.

NoW 29079 Final, Design Authority

Bound by a budget of SGD400K and time spanning a quick six months, including A&A works, the project’s palette mainly sang in hues of white and wood, exuding warmth, clarity, and coziness. Yet, in the details, a riot of color and patterns breaks through, paying homage to the family’s rich Peranakan lineage. Their vibrant heritage becomes the pulse, the heartbeat of the home, influencing choices and design nuances throughout.

Three distinct generations, three different design languages. While the daughter’s family leaned towards the minimalism of light wood, the owner, representing the older generation, hankered for something richer, more steeped in tradition. And thus, common spaces turned into melting pots of style, celebrating differences while retaining harmony.

NoW 29049 Final, Design Authority

Challenges were numerous but not insurmountable for Wein & Grace. The primary conundrum was ensuring ample storage without compromising on the aesthetic spaciousness. Airwells metamorphosed into functional realms, transforming into dressing rooms and snug family entertainment corners. Original layouts were shifted, reconceived, and designed around the family’s unique lifestyle.

The living area draws you in with its plush sofa and elegant marble coffee table. Completing this visual feast is an exquisitely chosen area rug that captures the unique essence of the homeowner.

NoW 29026 Final, Design Authority

And as you wander into the kitchen, the heart of the home beats strongest here. An exquisite melange of color, patterned tiles, and raw bricks echoes the rich traditions of a Peranakan kitchen. The ambiance of the kitchen is amplified by well-placed pendant lighting, creating an inviting aura over the kitchen island. This space is alive with memories of meals past and the promise of delectable feasts to come. The breakfast island stands ready for food preparations, and bamboo blinds shade the windows, adding a hint of nostalgia to the modernity.

NoW 28878 Final, Design Authority

Every nook and cranny whispers tales of thoughtfulness and design mastery. Wainscoting along the dressing room walls, classic and timeless, adds depth, while the owner’s bedroom awakens senses with a richer palette of mocha and grey. The dressing room is bathed in the soft glow of a sophisticated chandelier, a touch that harmonizes with the chandeliers adorning the living room. And in spaces like the lightwood platform bedroom, balconies transform into serene workspaces, juxtaposed against plant walls that breathe life.

NoW 28920 Final, Design Authority

Bespoke bedside tables and white paneling behind the bedroom TV showcase the attention to detail that is the hallmark of custom carpentry. This artisan quality carries through to the tufted bedhead and bed frame, crafted with the same exacting standards.

NoW 28946 Final, Design Authority

The home’s elegance extends into the two white bedrooms, which feature custom-designed ottomans.

NoW 28895 Final, Design Authority

Distinctive wardrobe finishes lend a modern flair, seamlessly blending with the sleek black furniture that graces the outdoor spaces.

NoW 28907 Final, Design Authority

Touches of subtle luxury are evident throughout the home, such as the fluted laminate that enriches the wood-themed bedroom, and the textured fabric headboard in another bedroom. Even the inclusion of a vibrant pink pouffe underscores the commitment to stylish comfort.

NoW 28954 Final, Design Authority

A uniquely patterned screen at the base of the staircase serves as an inviting prelude to the intricate, heritage-inspired tiles found in the kitchen and bathroom.

NoW 28962 Final, Design Authority

As Wein & Grace fondly recall, despite the opulence of space, it’s the kitchen that resonates with the most laughter, making it the family’s favorite room. It’s evident that every corner, every design choice is steeped in love, legacy, and longing. This is not just a home. It’s a testament to a family’s journey, their dreams, and a legacy intertwined with the intricate tapestry of their Peranakan heritage.

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