Heavenly Design & Build Landed House Project @ Serangoon Garden Way by Divine N’ Dynamic

There is something heavenly about this gorgeous home with its ethereal lights, interesting architectural forms and showcase of natural textures. As it is beyond gorgeous… as this home is designed intelligently, from its façade down to its walk-in-closet, as you’ll see how the design elements harmoniously blend in the natural setting as the space flows fluidly within the enclosed space.

We can definitely imagine living in this beautifully designed home that naturally creates a lasting impression for its guests.

Divine N Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

1, Design Authority

Display of Natural Materials

The great thing about modern style is its clean features that allows you to see the whole picture and at the same time admire the finer details.

Utilizing the features of its materials in its most natural form, the façade creates a cool and simplistic. Though it uses muted hues compared to its surrounding neighbors, the beautiful graining with blue and gray undertones is hard to miss.

Main Entrance By Divine N Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

Greeted with Gold

With a gorgeous home, what better way to greet your guests than an impressive abstract art in gold in your foyer. Just like the façade, the feature wall is lined with natural stone with captivating gray and white veining. The door is equally majestic and utilizes natural wood finish with a modern touch.

Living Room By Divine N Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

Landed House Dining Room By Divine AND Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

Eye-Catching Feature Wall

The eye-catching feature wall here is the focal point that deserves all the attention. The floor to ceiling rich stone cladding is definitely an attention grabber. With an unsymmetrical plan, you’ll find that creating a focal point can be a challenge — and here, the floor to ceiling feature wall makes it work out flawlessly. Tying in with the gold artwork at the entrance way are the gold veining of these beautiful tiles and that lovely copper plated centerpiece table.

Kitchen By Divine N Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

An Interplay of Light and Texture

This timeless kitchen design that oozes with refined elegance makes the heart of the home a truly warm and cozy spot for the family and guests.

Luxury Lighting For Landed House, Design Authority

Breaking the Void

Walking through your home shouldn’t be boring and Divine N’ Dynamic’s clever use of illumination and materials is again showcased in these interesting access ways.

Generous interior spaces present opportunity to be creative like how these irregular patterned cuts breaks the monotony on the large wall surface, creating an interesting jigsaw pattern.

Definitely “divine” in our books, this lovely luminaire of spiraling globe lights illuminates the whole stairwell while adding depth and visual interest for the high ceiling.

Bedroom By Divine N Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

Personalized and Unique

What makes a house a home? Having that human touch with unique pieces and carefully crafted design elements.

A closet furniture is probably the last place to find that artistic touch… but this floor to ceiling wardrobe represents a visually stimulating artwork itself. The beautiful geometric patterns outlined with gold and matched with earth-toned wood graining and knot patterns creates a relaxing wall feature to look at.

Wardrobe By Divine AND Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

Dream Closet

Getting organized has never been so natural-looking. This spacious closet boasts a good square meter of rich textures while incorporating practical architectural elements such as the glass sliding doors and a central kiosk to keep the jewelry safe yet accessible.

Bathroom By Divine AND Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

Masterful Use of Materials

There are lot of advantages of utilizing the beauty of stonework such as granite or travertine tiles, as the material is easier to maintain, durable, with unmatchable natural aesthetic that laminates cannot achieve.

Bathroom For Landed House By Divine AND Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

Taking Cue on Nature’s Beauty

Rich graining and pattern on bathroom walls is becoming a favorite interior design these days and you’ll find a lot of modern homes moving away from our usual white-washed walls of the minimalist. The vertical striations and rich gray and white grainings reminds us of rock formations found at waterfalls.

Bathroom Area For Landed House By Divine AND Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

And when you have tightly spaced bathroom, light-textured walls creates an illusion of space.

Landed House By Divine N Dynamic Pte Ltd, Design Authority

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